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Three Twists on the Company Picnic: #3 Casino

September 22nd, 2011

OK. So casinos and the great outdoors are not things one readily puts together, but go with me here. Company picnics are about having fun and playing games. Casino day picnics can fit the bill.

Picnic Roulette
Everyone receives a logo tee shirt in one of two company colors. A prize wheel (in company colors) is spun at each activity an individual participates in. If the shirt matches the color on the wheel the player gets a wristband. The wristbands collected can be redeemed (like chips) for prizes.

          Prize Idea
           -  Magic 8 Ball Keychain with custom messaging

Jacks or Better - Trips to Win
Participants are given a Peel & Win Decal Bead Strand upon entry. Each has a poker hand with a pair of cards, 2 of a kind, and 3 of a kind. Pull up or scratch off to reveal prizes. Those with winning hands get a second bead strand with decal and go for a second round. Grand prize winner is determined by process of elimination.

          Prize Idea
           -  Team or corporate color ionic necklaces and bracelets.

Sports Book
Participants wager on who will win contests of dexterity like three-legged races, sack races, or ball toss. Guess the winner, receive a wristband and redeem for prizes.

          Prize Idea
          – Corporate color or team color Booster Sleeves for cheering or visually designating the winner.

We wager that this will be a unique and interactive event where everyone is a winner!

Three Twists on the Company Picnic: #2 Tailgating

August 11th, 2011

This is the second installment for our Three Twists series on the Company Picnic.

Friendly competition has always been a part of the company picnic. Sack and three-legged races, egg drop relays, arm wrestling . . . I have fond memories of these not too serious activities. Why not go all out on the sports taligating theme?

Whether you choose pro or school team colors, company colors, or completely random color association by division, team color themed picnics can underscore friendly rivalry and a sense of team. Bonding is what its all about – right?

How to execute? Try decorated sports promotional products like pom poms, spirit sticks, or cowbells (see our previous post on noisemakers) as a way to get employees on the sidelines to engage.

For the more adventurous, sponsor a corporate facepainting contest. The individual or team who best represents the company logo/colors in their design wins.

Wigs or novelty headwear like logo head boppers, can be used to create a sense of whimsy. Picnics are about relaxation and a break from the boardroom. Silly stuff breaks the ice and can help bridge the gap between divisions.

High value prizes like titanium ionic necklaces in company colors or custom designed titanium ionic necklaces with company logos are great to reward participants.

Small give-aways can be tucked in to custom drawstring jersey backpacks to further underscore the team color theme. The bag itself is useful and will be used outside of the event – further showing solidarity with the company after the main event is over.