Back to School: Promotional Products 101

August 31st, 2011 by Linda Leave a reply »

Was that a crisp autumn breeze I just felt? Maybe it’s just all the excitement about back-to-college season. Across the country, campuses are braced for the return of refreshed, enthusiastic students.

Everyone knows that college students have two things in common: 1) A fierce sense of pride for their own school, and 2) A profound love of free stuff.

As a member of the advertising specialty field, you can capitalize on both of these factors with specialized back-to-college promotional products.

Just picture students milling around campus with a branded keychain and drawstring jersey backpack. Imagine dorm rooms decked out with branded banners, Mardi Gras beads, and mascot bobbleheads.

At the first home game of the year, your company could be the winning team with sponsored gate give-aways like Spirit Stix or acrylic soccer scarves emblazoned with your logo.

Perhaps you run a business with locations in college towns? The opportunities for incentives are endless: use customized promotional products to entice students to stop by your restaurant or bar, shop at your store, or open an account at your bank. Give-away items like trend-right titanium ionic necklaces and bracelets in school colors are really popular with this demographic.

Consider this course Promotional Products 101. Advanced lessons in The Anatomy of a Sponsorship and The Science of Gate Give-aways coming soon.



  1. kimberly says:

    I agree with your idea on giving Promotional Products on school, it is an excellent marketing idea to promote a company, corporate image or a brand.

  2. Promotional products do work! I remember well all the free stuff I got when I was in college. My local bank gave me a bunch of free stuff like key-rings, pens, notepads, a laser card and a credit card. Low and behold ten years later I’m still with this bank. I don’t think I would have ever signed up with them if it were not for all the cool free promotional items they were giving away at the time.

  3. Excellent idea! You’re right that most college kids LOVE receiving free stuff, so giving out promotional items is a good way to get your name around campus. You included some neat suggestions in your post, and another idea that often gets a great response out of college students is giving away T-shirts. Wearable promotional products are awesome in almost any setting, and they work extremely well with college students who tend to get very excited whenever they can score a free T-shirt!

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